We’re glad you’re here!

Listen, we know that visiting a church for the first time can be overwhelming and a little stressful. It’s our hope that this page will help eliminate that for you. We try to be a laid back bunch. Here it goes! If we missed something, contact us. We’d love to get you everything you need.

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The City parks in the Hitt Street Garage located at 10th and Locust. When you enter from Locust, you’ll be met by parking greeters and someone to help you identify open spaces.

It’s a quick, one minute walk through the church parking lot (across the street). Or, look for the church golf cart or van that will pick you up.

The closest entrance from the garage is through the parking lot and through either set of double glass doors. The City meets on the south side of the church campus, on the second floor. You can take the stairs or the elevator.

You’ll be met with greeters wearing lanyards. They may ask you if you’re looking for the Sanctuary or The City. Two worship services take place at 10:45 a.m. There is a traditional worship experience in the sanctuary that occurs concurrently with The City.

What happens in worship?

Before worship begins, we invite you to hang out in the lobby. This is a wonderful time to grab a snack or hot beverage, meet a new person, or check out one of the many ways to get involved. We pray you can find a home here.

Expect a spirited, upbeat and worshipful experience with contemporary Christian music and a live band. We sing a few songs and then we participate in a teaching time. Don’t be surprised when Charity asks the community a question and we actually respond. That’s how we roll!

We have a wholistic offering. We not only receive financial gifts, but we offer ourselves through prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

We end our time together with a group blessing. Yes. You have to experience it!

Worship is about an hour. Sometimes folks hang out after worship and grab lunch - you’re always welcomed to join in.

What to Wear

Uh, do you! You’ll see most people dressed casually in jeans, khakis, etc... But come as you are, be comfortable.

See you Sunday!