With a passion for impacting individuals and the community, Charity Goodwin answered the call to lead The City when she was awakened from a dream where God impressed on her heart that it was time to TURN CHURCH ON ITS HEAD.

The City is her offering to God that looks at church from a place of community, inclusion and justice. She believes her role is to be one as a “guide-on-the-side,” rather than a “sage-on-the-stage.” “Faith is a journey and it’s got twists and turns,” she said.

Having experienced her own church hurt in the past, she’s committed to this community being a healing gathering.

Because she grew up in church and served in various denominations, Charity says that she just wants to be where the Spirit of God is - because there, we find freedom!

The City

is a people, a place, and a movement. The contemporary worship will be a casual, creative, engaging, and interactive experience. Imagine a high-touch and high-tech experience.


Helping each other live like Jesus from the inside out.


Form community. Uncover purpose. Create Heaven on earth.