Form Community. Uncover Purpose. Create Heaven on Earth.

The City Vision


With a passion for impacting individuals and the community, Charity Goodwin answered the call to lead The City when she was awakened from a dream where God impressed on her heart that it was time to TURN CHURCH ON ITS HEAD.

The City is her offering to God that looks at church from a place of community, inclusion and justice. She believes her role is to be one as a “guide-on-the-side,” rather than a “sage-on-the-stage.” “Faith is a journey and it’s got twists and turns,” she said.

Having experienced her own church hurt in the past, she’s committed to this community being a healing gathering.

Because she grew up in church and served in various denominations, Charity says that she just wants to be where the Spirit of God is - because there, we find freedom!

The City

is a people, a place, and a movement. The contemporary worship will be a casual, creative, engaging, and interactive experience. Imagine a high-touch and high-tech experience.


Helping each other live like Jesus from the inside out.


Form community. Uncover purpose. Create Heaven on earth.



It is sacred to struggle with faith, doubt, questions, and suspicions.


There’s no need to fit in. Regardless of your story or journey, you belong here and you belong to God.


Accepting God’s love in Jesus and the love others can be the hardest thing we do. God calls us beloved and we seek to love like God.


We risk stepping out of our comfort zones.


We talk and listen to the Holy Spirit for direction.


We learn and we lead.


We are practitioners of faith beyond church and into the city and world.


We maximize God’s work in the world by partnering with others.


Charity Goodwin

Charity develops facilitators and growing opportunities for people at all stages of faith.

A certified The Daring Way™ facilitator, which comprises Brené Brown's research, her personal mission is to live, teach, and inspire others to experience emotional healing and wholeness. A Mizzou J-School graduate, she says she uses her degree everyday to interview the characters in the Bible, research, and write messages that engage and spread the good news of love, hope, and transformation.

Charity is mom to Gabriel and Levi who are in elementary school. They are her boy joys.