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Where you can form community, uncover your purpose, and create heaven on earth.


October 4-5, an All-Day Conference

Combining a Livestream of the Evolving Faith Conference in Denver and a local Workshop: The Daring Way™*.
Evolving Faith is a gathering of kindred spirits. It's an opportunity to learn, wrestle, worship, laugh, and commiserate as we navigate this journey through the wilderness together.

Hosted and curated by Sarah Bessey, Jeff Chu and the late Rachel Held Evans, this conference holds an extraordinary line-up.

"Evolving Faith is for you if:
You are sorting through your faith, trying to figure out what you believe now.
You are in the wilderness, unable to find your way forward spiritually.
Your safe and tidy answers have been upended by life.
You feel like you don't belong in your church or tradition anymore.
You want to better reimagine the role of scripture and theology.
You are searching for answers at the intersection of faith and sexuality, justice, scripture, church.
You are at a loss as to how to act justly and love mercy in this world.
You want to begin to reimagine, rebuild, and resurrect a faith worth living."

Come as you are. All are welcome at the Table. We hope you leave feeling a little more inspired and a little less alone.


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